Jacob Sparre Andersen


I case you just want to know what I look like, download this picture (and remember that the top of the photo is 2.03 meters above ground level).

If you want to know where I come from, then have a look here.

What others say about me


I have a quite large collection of LEGO, and whenever I can find a good excuse, I take it out of the boxes and start building. I have a collection of pictures of some of my recent models as a part of my LEGO resources.


When I was a kid my favourite comic was Anders And & Co. (Donald Duck). Even though somebody might claim that I'm still a kid, my comics reading has changed, and since I moved to Denmark my collection of European (mostly Belgian) comics has been growing rapidly. Two of my favourite series are Franka and Yoko Tsuno. There is much more information on my comics document, where you, among other things can search in my comic database.


I enjoy reading books in both Faroese, Danish and English.



A physics summershool for Danish highshool students.

"Sorødage" is a summer shool for 2nd year higshool students, held almost every summer. In 1994 where I worked on the project were to two subjects Chaos and Earth' origin. The course is arranged as a pleasant (IMO) mixture of lectures and experimental work. Some of the things that are a part of every course are hot air balloons and seismics (with lots of dynamite).

Jacob Sparre Andersen <jacob@sparre-andersen.dk>.

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