Using reviews for exploratory search

- or search through reviews

  1. Select a few random objects with reviews which (partially) match the description of the query.
  2. Rank (some of) the selected objects.
  3. Train a ranking engine based on the user rankings of the selected objects and (some of) the available reviews. [The ranking engine answers two questions: a) Which of two objects ranks higher, and b) is an object relevant.]
  4. Add more - primarily highly ranked by the engine - objects to the selected group of objects.
  5. Return to step 2 (or publish the results)

Reviews can be grouped in four kinds:

The first two kinds are absolute reviews of an object, whereas the last two kinds are comparing reviews. For a simple relevance test only the first two kinds of reviews are relevant.

The specification of a group (for the use in reviews as defined above) can be:

... or a combination of these.


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