Ada 95 for Linux

UDP Talk

A peer-to-peer UDP based instant messaging implementation.

On Debian and Ubuntu systems you should install the packages gnat, libflorist-dev and make before you attempt to build the program.

UDP Talk is witten in Ada. You can learn about Ada in the Ada Programming wikibook.


Download and unpack your preferred version. Enter the created directory.

Build command


Install command

sudo make install

This installs udp_talk in /usr/local/bin/. If you want to install it elsewhere, please modify the line INSTALL_BASE=/usr/local.


If you have agreed to chat with somebody on port 2000, who is sitting on the machine "", you run the program like this:

udp_talk 2000 2000

What you write shows up as normal text, and what your peer writes shows up as inverted text.

Remember that since the program is using UDP, there is no guarantee that every letter reaches its destination. You should also be aware that this program doesn't use any encryption, and that it is specifically designed to allow others to intercept a discussion. Do not use it for secrets!

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